“Beauty is the last veil that covers the horrible.” (Zizek/Lacan/Rilke)

By sequencing recurring patterns from the streets of Kolkata, “The Veil of Maya 1” materializes on paper the flayed skin of a city. Layers and layers of colourful posters and promising ads cover the walls like an aesthetic bacteria; its intermittence is almost compulsive. This 2000-page volume brings together an overflowing torrent of “imaginary photographs” in an editorial ideal of copiousness.

“The Veil of Maya 1” is the first of 7 artists’ books to be published in the coming years in a very limited edition of 35 copies each. Taking its title from a common metaphor defining the state of perennial illusion in which people are trapped, “The Veil of Maya” serial project deals with the duality of enchantment-disenchantment from 7 different perspectives. In this editorial experiment, photography is often mixed with appropriated materials from various sources, both textual and visual, creating a profusion of eclectic scenarios.


Photographs ⓒ Tiane Doan na Champassak

35 copies

2000 pages

22 x 30 cm

Custom-made box by Laurel Parker Book

November 2018

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