“The Veil of Maya 3” can be easily subscribed to the tradition of the so called acheiropoieta, a Greek notion that generally defines the “icons made without hands”. The mysterious images composing this experimental artist-book consist of found contact sheet prints from the 60s on top of which random negatives got stuck, mainly due to storage, time and humidity. This appropriated material builds up a constellation of its own: floating in their ethereal appearance, the feminine nudes decompose their transparency in sibylline conjunctions, revealing themselves as desirable “icons” miraculously conceived.


“The Veil of Maya 3” is the third of the 7 artist-books published since 2018 in a very limited edition of 35 copies each. Taking its title from a common metaphor defining the state of perennial illusion in which people are trapped, “The Veil of Maya” serial project deals with the duality enchantment-disenchantment from 7 different perspectives. In this editorial experiment, photography is often mixed with appropriated materials from various sources, both textual and visual, creating a profusion of eclectic scenarios.


35 copies / 24 pages

28 x 28 x 5 cm

Lay-flat-bound hardcover

2 signed and numbered Fujiflex Crystal Archive prints

Printed and bound in Paris by Agoria, August 2020

(shipping worldwide with FedEx included)

550 EUR