Twenty years after the World Trade Center attacks, I looked into how the twin towers had been previously used in advertising as an emblem of New York City, and I came across an advertisement from 1979 for Pakistan International Airlines in Le Point magazine. It was striking to see how the shadow of a Boeing 747 projected on the towers had a totally different impact before 9/11. This publication starts with a photocopy of the PIA ad in Le Point and continues with a photocopy of the previous photocopy, until reaching the total destruction of the image halfway through the book. From there on, we assist at a gradual and inverted revival of the advertising, in a subtle reenactment of the iconic towers.


With a text by David Campany


First edition

100 signed and numbered copies

September 2021

80 pages printed on Favini upcycled Remake paper, 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Side-stitch binding

41 x 24 cm

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